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Preparing myself to take full advantage of this the second time around

In my 20s, I spent the majority of my waking hours wishing things were different. I took myself on this fantasy journey of living in a different part of the country, traveling for work and working in a job that was both fulfilling and challenging, experiencing new places and people, and having no responsibilities for anyone else as I discovered the world and myself. In short, I wanted to be free.. free to make my own choices in life, without judgment or restrictions.

Oh, how that colorful, rich life looked so great from afar and, like a fluttering butterfly, ever…

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Understanding how you invest will show you how you handle life

When I was in my mid-twenties, I started dabbling in stocks.

At the time, and even guilty now, I didn’t know how to manage my mind, so subsequently my portfolio performance mirrored my emotional swings. I ended up making more poor decisions than good ones. And, even when I did make smart buys, I lacked the conviction to see market cycles through.

Here are a few examples:

  • In 2014, I bought in at $93/share shortly after Alibaba IPO’ed. Then, because of a lawsuit, the price tanked, and I sold it for a loss. Today, Alibaba is at $265.
  • Coming out…

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He shows but doesn’t tell

Inspiration: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions — Merriam-Webster

Something that can’t be seen or measured, but most definitely felt and very much a force. We may not be able to express exactly why or how a person is so inspirational, but like Justice Stewart’s characterization of hard-core porn, we just know it when we see it. In this case, feel it.

Vix is an awesome photographer, cook, baker, hiker/camper/nature enthusiast, frugal shopper, online seller, foodie, and environmentalist. Really, he’s all that. Whatever he does, he makes sure he elevates himself to near-expert level. …

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Writing my way to my own ending

In 2015, I was divorced from my husband.

In 2019, triggered by an event that happened during Thanksgiving, I wrote my first post about divorce for the world to see.

In the four years in between, even though my thoughts and path to healing were not made public, I was doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Fast forward to now, the beginning of 2021, and I am at the most happiest I have ever felt, by myself, focusing on my goals.

Back then, it was a turbulent, roller-coaster time, filled with feelings of shame, worthlessness, and lack of…

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Because you’re worth it

Before I moved out on my own the first time, I was always able to count on others to do the cooking. After I moved, microwave dinners or pre-cooked food were my go-tos.

Making anything that took more than fifteen minutes, or more than one pot, seemed too elaborate.

Why should I spend so much time and effort when it’s just going to be only for me?

Well, the answer is simple.

It’s because I’m worth it. And you are, too.

When I started taking the time to actually prepare myself something from scratch, it changed my relationship with myself…

I have not written anything in almost a month. I took three weeks road-tripping with a friend, mostly visiting mountains and national or state parks to avoid people because of COVID. It has been months of careful quarantine, and I missed being in nature.

Going on this trip gave me pause due to the length, but I am glad I did, because as trips do, it allowed me to reflect and either learn more about myself, or confirm to me what I already knew.

This time, I knew I am proud of myself and my progress in life, no matter…

The been-there, done-that is immensely freeing

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It was a sunny and humid day. I was meeting up with a friend and one of her friends was pet-sitting at a house nearby.

“Let’s go hang out with her there, and relax in the pool,” my friend suggested.

“Sure. I won’t swim, but I’m down for hanging out,” I replied.

And as it goes when women get together, the topic inevitably heads towards men and relationships.

My friend’s friend was filling us in in her dating woes, and the two of them were having a fun time in the pool reading texts from one guy, while I was…

I wouldn’t easily be where I’m at without him

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In my last turning point piece, I wrote how my ex-husband and I almost didn’t come to be. And that even though we ended in divorce, I have no regrets how things turned out.

Being with him led to another turning point in my life: a career change.

When I met my ex, I was working at a dead-end job.

I hated it and for years, sought a way out, but nothing transpired.

Nothing transpiring meant the positions I was looking for, that paid at least a certain amount, weren’t coming to fruition. There were offers from low-paid, entry level…

Doing that almost wreaked havoc on my professional life

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If there’s any trait pervasive about me, it’s that I’m bossy. Throughout my life, I’ve been told that countless times.

You’re so bossy.

And it’s never meant positively, so I’ve always looked at it as something bad. A negative trait.

As such, for years, I’ve been trying to tone it down and rein it in. And you know what, it worked. At least, I thought.

Last year, when we were doing a company-wide workshop of self-assessment, we had to take something called the DiSC assessment.

It’s a model that measures what style of person you are, and how that relates…


Individual in her journey of growth and spirituality // Looking to capture others’ stories about life in THE TURNING POINT //

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