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In our lives, we all have searched for one thing or another. Sometimes, we searched for multiple things at once. We might have even felt what we were searching for were present for others but ever elusive for us. What are we doing wrong? How come others who weren’t even looking for that thing will get it, while we don’t?

Kelly and family

Kelly’s story on leaving a cushy, stable corporate job and the road to eventually founding her own VC firm

By 30, Kelly had already been climbing the corporate ladder for almost a decade. She reached a level of success that would make her 11-year-old self proud, the age she moved from Macau to the United States.

“You know the saying “climbing the corporate ladder” but sometimes we don’t realize that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

Day in, day out, Kelly would dutifully report to work…

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Just recently, I read a piece by Yael Wolfe that really struck a chord in me.

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Lately, on Medium and other outlets, I’ve read a lot of both personal and research pieces about employees quitting their jobs. This is notable because it comes at a time when the country is slowly returning to normal in terms of offices opening back up. You’d think collectively, we’d be overjoyed for the chance to get out of the house and replenish our bank accounts. Yet, we are contending with a shortage of workers for certain markets like retail, food, and hospitality, and the very real threat that people would rather quit than go back to the office.

Are you at the sidelines, or are you in the arena?

About six months ago, a friend asked me if I’d like to go into business with him. To sum it up, it was essentially to buy some land (him) so it can be maintained and rented out to campers (me) on Hipcamp, which is the AirBnB version for campgrounds.

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Replacing Resistance

In the beginning of 2015, after half a year of him stalling on getting me some documents, my divorce was finalized. It was quite anticlimactic; an email from my lawyer coming through, nonchalantly confirming the closure, and just like that, a chapter of my life came to an end, while another, equally as painful, if not more, opened up.

What would you rather not?

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Let’s say you went to a restaurant, and there were plenty of choices on the menu. Flustered by the options, you just choose something that sounds good, or based off the server’s recommendation, and call it a day. When the meal arrives, you decide that you don’t really prefer it. And that’s fine. Because it was only one meal, and you know next time to choose something else.

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Do we ever stop to think whether revelation came first, and then growth followed, or during growth is when we have our reveal?

Who’s next?

A string of attacks on Jews.

At the Airmen Leadership school graduation, accepting honor graduate and distinguished graduate with the Base General

How a casual conversation about the military led to Tom living in Japan today

This piece is by my friend, Tom, in response to my prompt of what he considered one of his most impactful turning points. He’s a good friend, someone who I credit for helping change my trajectory in life as well. His story below reminds me that sometimes our way forward shows up in the most mundane setting, and it is up to us to take action and explore whether it is right for us.

Sunny H

Individual in her journey of growth and spirituality // Looking to capture others’ stories about life in THE TURNING POINT

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